I recently finished a 10 week placement with a company called ebow. These guys are fantastic at what they do and have huge clients such as GAA, Disney, Coolmore, the Irish Museum of Modern Art and even the President!

While I was there I got to work on some personal projects as well as help out with a few other bits. I learned so much about logo and web design, even having some extra work for my portfolio from some of the projects. It was much easier to learn by being handed a brief, spending a little time on it drawing up some mock ups and then sitting down for critiques and getting a chance to see what the designers had come up with. This is definitely an area I am going to study further!

Magento was something I had not come across before and is a great little ecommerce platform, and very simple to use too. Magento and I became best of pals while I worked on the recently launched mens fashion site bootsjeansandleathers.com. This also involved a few fun days on location shooting products alongside the content editor (many ice-creams were consumed!). I also did a little with WordPress for another upcoming site which will be launched very shortly (all very hush hush but its a big ‘un!).

Marc Wiseler, account director at ebow, recently did a video interview with mediauprise.ie where he talks about web development, graphic design, and social media. He also gives advise on what ebow would like to see in prospective employees portfolios. You can check it out here. Also keep an eye on the ebow blog for funky posts on social media, web design, as well as other bits & bobs!

I had an unforgettable 10 weeks and can’t put a value on the experience I gained. I’m so unbelievably grateful to all in ebow who were so friendly and welcoming! I have major Apple envy towards you all though! 🙂 So to finish up I decided to make a list..

My 10 favourite things about being an intern in ebow!

  1. They fed me. Cupcakes, doughnuts, cookies, lunch, hot chocolate, murphys ice-cream.. What more could a girl want!
  2. They got my tweet in a national paper & retweeted by the GAA!
  3. They taught me to look at design in a different way, this I have to thank Sharon for, or Shazmo as she is known in ebow land.
  4. I learned all about dressing a man while on photoshoots with Elva and our lovely model Jim (a plastic man unfortunately!), now I just need to find a man to dress!
  5. Did I mention they fed me? They did this a lot!
  6. Listening to some cool tunes all day in the office was definitely good for my work flow.
  7. I learned things about putting together a portfolio which I would never have even considered before!
  8. Walking through the gallery every day and having a sneaky look at what was going up.
  9. Apple products as far as the eye can see!
  10. Everybody who worked at ebow was super nice and helped me with any problems I had! And if I didn’t have a problem, they were still super nice!